Monday, August 3, 2009


the phenomena of the longest eclipse in the history of mankind, effect my growth as i've evolved to a new stage.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everyday I Love You

by Christin Lim & Vincent Lim

“I don’t know but I believe, that some things are meant to be, and that you make a better me, everyday I love you.”

I tumbled down the stairs, to find Lucas was sitting behind counter attending to a customer. A correspond of smiles was made when our faces met, and I ambled out to the door. There are children across the street playing soccer while the girls sat on the bench supporting the team. “Good day, Cady” muttered Mr. Stanley as he passed by while heading towards the convenient store holding an umbrella. “Looks like you’re prepared for the storm uh?” He didn’t catch my sarcasm as he fastened his pace towards the store. Perhaps he hurried to buy a packet of cigarette, satisfies his crave and overlooked the crowd picking up their needs. I settled myself onto a bench by the door, cradling my head with my hands. “Oh, what a night” I whispered.

“I never thought that dreams came true, but you showed me that they do. You know that I am something new, everyday I love you.”

Every mid day, I enjoys the sight where people is waiting for school bus, with breezy sense covered by monstrous shadow of a big oak tree; admiring how channel of lights that falls onto Titus’s handsome face, outshine him from the rest. Oh, that thumps me heart, me sweating hands. “What night?” asked Lucas as he sat next to me. With a shock, I denied with a long “No…” along out a sigh. He knows very well there is nothing more even if he insists to interrogate me, but it is such blessing to have his companionship all these time. “Do you happen to see Titus anywhere this morning?” Lucas asked again with his curious face, trying to break the silence. A misty cold chill flowed around me as I wrapped my arms together; unconsciously lead Lucas to feel suspicious. I halted, trying to negotiate with myself on how to perform a lie to evade from being teased, but I was seconds late. “Ah, speak of the devil” Lucas continued in an unusual exciting tone. I was astounded with his sudden presence, I was not prepared to face him this soon.

“Cause I believe that destiny is out of our control and you’ll never leave, until you love with all your heart and soul.”

With haste, I hopped on my bicycle and rushed away from scene, hoping that Titus did not catch any glimpse of me. My heart began to thump more briskly; further I’ve gone. I paddled in to a small alley with my eyes closed, trying to shove those thoughts away but I was turned by a familiar calling voice, Titus was tailing from distance behind me. Forbidding myself to hesitate, I fasten my paddling through stranger alleys. So much I hope to lose him; I’ve achieved to attempt such imprudent thoughts. The graveled path between thick trees I rode suddenly transformed into a rural estate where children in shabby clothes chasing after chickens. Elderly, also in less shabby covers, sitting outside their quarter gate chattering. The whole journey was like a stage play, beginning of transform from props to props, all strangely attached with their stories. I know I was far from home. On spur of moment my journey transformed into a remote park. I came across a familiar face, with her was a little girl scampering about the jungle gym. She would mask her frown with a smile at the calling voice of her daughter each time she slides down the chute. I can tell she was lonely. At a distance I recognize a familiar scar on her left arm as she waved at her daughter from the bench. I approached near her barely visible behind the trees, positioned my left arm upwards to compare and it was identical. I was confused. Is she Cady from the future? Abruptly the whole scene glared so brightly it disrupted my sight. I blinked my eyes at the bright light and saw Titus gazing out of the window in an empty room. He was wrinkled. I paddled towards him but vanished into thin air before I could reach anywhere near him. I began to weep and ached for Titus more than ever.

“It’s a touch when I feel bad, it’s a smile when I get mad, all the little things I had, everyday I love you.”

As the sun began to retreat behind clouds, I raced my way back home. I had to see Titus. I had to explain. It was my fault for leading him astray, my judgment was terribly iniquitous. I threw my bicycle on the deck and quickly storm into the room demanding for Titus but Lucas claimed no sight of him after my absence that morning. I barged in every store seeking the sight of him, miserably longing for his presence. Scouting through every places Titus and I dawdled together for the past three years, I attained nothing. As I rambled back home weeping at my foolish character, I recognized a blurry figure by the telephone booth from afar. “Titus”, I whimpered.

“If I ask would you say yes, together we’re the very the best, I know that I am truly blessed, everyday I love you.

I dashed across the road towards Titus and hugged him tightly. As tears streaming down, there was no need for speech. I couldn’t let him go not even for a second. Underneath his affectionate embrace where my comfort lies, he ended my agony. The day gone by was a torment; I know he felt the same. Every doubt is completely subsided when I listened to his heartbeat; his love for me is real. He shall have music wherever he may go, and in my heart where he shall sing.

“And I’ll give you my best, everyday I love you.”

~Thus we will cherish eternally~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~~there is 1 thing, 2 do, 3 words, 4 you~~

Total was my first day of work,actually it was a training,but ended up working for 7 hours..gosh..super sien..well, i wish things will be better soon..really duno what to do mind is really lost. Just cant think straight. i really hope someone could really help me. Anyway, hope to meet up my friends soon. Seem like everybody just died off..HAISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........................

Monday, April 13, 2009

!~Sky Chord~!

Gosh,it's truly been awhile since i last blog..well, things had been slow recently. Nothing much had happen, just got alot of assignment to catch up, and play much much more. Well, seriously nothing to update, just want to let my friends know that i'm doing alright, so worry not. I'm still alive. I guess the reason i created this blog is to express my steep steps of finding my way back to love, but i guess it hasn't been much it's because i realise that you cant just find love, love has its own way on finding you. But of course, if there is some way that i could start all over again, i would do everything differently. I've hurt too many people and worried most of my friends. I'm sorry that i never inform anybody about changing my number, but i guess maybe that is what i wanted, some peace of mind, sorry ya for those that really tried to contact me. So, mid term break, so far done nothing, just rest. So any event or outing, please call me's 016-9274321 now..hahaha..hope to meet most of my buddies soon..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Memories of Nobody

Things had gotten worse recently. I'm not sure how the world goes already. Now that we at not teenagers anymore, i thought we should begin to mature as we are young adult now. But why the more mature we become, the more complicated things became? Isn't the basic foundation of maturity is to make life less complication? I find that the more mature you claimed, the more immature you became. Well, that is my personal hypothesis. You have every right to disagree. I always believe that the world is a punishment ground of the GODs living above us. If anyone were close enough to me, should had heard me saying this before. Those that had not, i'll briefly say it here. I quote this from Gladiator, though not words to words, but it goes something like the world is where the GODs punish us by letting us stay at this rotten hell. The earlier you leave here, the earlier the GODs forgive what you did in the past. And the longer, well, you can make the conclusion. This theory always make me wonder what i've done in the past that i deserve to live everyday the way i lived. Not that everyday is that bad, i'm not doing that bad, but i only wonder why things never been better? I believe in GOD and what the BIBLE taught me, but why i pray every Sunday sincerely, and nothing seem to be fulfilled? Karma has been my most recent lesson, I guess nobody can escape that faith. Sorry readers, i'm not ready to tell out what i've been experincing of late, maybe some other time. I only hope someday (please be soon) that things would actually turn to its best.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~Fall For You~

Continue after that period..more crazy stuff on the list..going on :-

Wednesday 25th Feb 2009

midnight and Full House is closing, so got our butt out and went back. On the way back to send the girls off, Fred called and sounded really depress, so after putting the girls down at their place at Puchong, drove up to Cyberjaya and picked Fred up. It was nice meeting him after more than 3months not seeing each other(sounded really gay there), then we went off to Asia Cafe to have a drink, he immediately took beer, but i just took fruit juice. After hearing all his problem, he wanted to have cigar, so we went to 7-11 to get the vanilla flavour cigar. It was nice but not fullfilling. Around 3.30 only we went back home. Back home and sleep but got up at 8am and again with the PS2 with my brother Vincent.Around mid day,decided to go Mid Valley to get some stuff since it was Jusco Day or something. Shop Shop Shop until evening then decided to take my friends for Klang's famous Bak Kut Teh but all was closed so ate porridge steamboat instead. Then later to Asia Cafe where we had another cigar and talked alot about our personal stuff. By the way, it was 5 of us, Miss Kang, Miss Ong, Miss Kek, Fred and myself.

Thursday 26th Feb 2009

After talking like crazy, we then decided to try Shi Sha after knowing the girls never done anything crazy or near that. It was around 3am so we drove to Shah Alam near my previous weekend house, but it has changed management, so no shi sha, then after getting some details from stranger, shoot to section 19, re-direct to section 17, don't have, then to UiTM and after 1 and half hour, we finally found the place. Then started Shi Sha, it was by far the best Shi Sha i ever had. We really had fun there and after around 6.30am, we shoot straight to home. My house because i have to change the car. So at home, Fred was acting himself at home, took the vodka and shared with the girls. Left home around 7.30 and went to Puchong to have bak kut teh. It was really disappointed. Then put down the girls and went to Fred's place..slept a little then got up around 2pm. Bath and wash up all, went to pick Miss Ong and Miss Kek and headed to Pyramid, they wanted to meet their hometown friends and i wanted to get some stuff. Met Ashley and after doing some shopping, head to NXZ to have dinner at Full House. Then after dinner, play with BusBus abit then send the 3 girls back to Puchong hostel. Had fun chatting with the girls and around 2am, got hungry so went to mamak and ate a little.

Friday 27th Feb 2009

While mamak'in with the girls around 3am, got a message from Yung Fu(the dude i worked with at genting) sounded really like a suicide note, so called him only to find that he quarrel with his gf. So being a good friend, bought a bottle of beer and go find him at MMU Cyberjaya. Talked on the street looking really like a bunch of Malays, left him with a great lecture and back home around 7am. Right after reach home, my sister just got out of the bathroom, kena lecture by her a little seeing that i rarely at home and never once called. Then i straight shower and headed to SS15 Subang Jaya(still without any sleep). Reach there and went to cyber to play a little game, and fell asleep many times. Then the moment of the hour has arrived, the reason why i was so crazy the entire week, to face her again. Met with Wi Shan and went to Kota Kemuning's Old Town Cafe. Well, you can just read from her post,much more brieft.

After putting her down, i went back home a little while. Glad mom wasn't standing on the gate with a parang to chop me down, instead she was really supportive and listen to all the things i had been through. And i never notice that i've yet to tell her that wishan and i broke up. So after resting awhile, Fred, Miss Ong and Miss Kek called me to ask how was i doing and holding on. I actually wasn't doing too well, so straight away decided to got out again and meet up Fred and Miss Ong(Miss Kek was grounded by her bf) the three of us then went to Asia Cafe ( i know,WHAT THE HELL IS SO INTERESTING AT ASIA CAFE??!!!) well, just went there and meet my friend Ming Kiat from last year genting work. 11something, Alcon my man called and asked if wana join him for clubbing session, without hesistation, agreed and off we go. But on the way down from the Pool Club thingy, we saw a table set up and was selling those exotic pets. Without any hesistation, i bought a tarantula. Loving it very muchZ!!

Saturday 28th Feb 2009

Went to Bangsar and into Mist Club. It was really fun there getting VIP treat and had alot drinking there. Maybe half of myself needed it. So got myself drunk and then around 4am, drove to Jalan ipoh, makan abit(at that moment really sleepy since the past 3days barely got any sleep) then Fred drove us back to Alcon's condo. I went straight to bed but the others were still drinking. Got up around 11am and again off back to send Fred back. After putting him down, i just don't feel like going back just yet, so went to LimKokWing and picked up Miss Kek, her bf, and my another man Raymond and off we went to eat Pan Mee at Puchong Bandar Puteri. After awhile, manage to convince them to go Pyramid to watch Love Matters, didn't really get what the movie was about but had some laughter there. Oh yea,had New Zealand Natural ice cream before movie. After the movie, went to klang to have Bak Kut Teh, this time really made it. HAHAHAHAHA. After makan, we head to SS15 to have ShiSha again. But this time big trouble, Miss Kek's bf don't like Miss Kek so pro in ShiSha, hahahaha..they later got into a fight. Sent them back and pray for their blessing..HAHAHAHAHHA

Sunday 1st March 2009

Missed church service, really frustrated but non the less, rest the entire day. Just wanted to rest my body and soul the entire day since been crazy for the past week. so that's about it.

Monday 2nd March 2009

Got up around 10am and headed to class. It's already the 2nd week of class but i haven't even register myself, so got into campus but couldn't find my year leader, so just enter the class. Had a great time since my interest as always been animation and able to study it was truly pure joy.

Guess that is the crazy one week..will post about my holiday to Muar and Melaka later..hungry and headache now..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~Miss You Finally~

Sorry readers for the late post, well, if i have any..anyway. it's been a crazy week for me..ever since 20th Feb till i will just briefly elaborate what i've been doing..

Friday 20th Feb 2009

woke up at 12,got a message from a buddy of mine asking 'so,you want to go anot',second message goes 'go la', when i read that message,first thing struck me is why he even bother to send the first message..then he called pestering me again,so i just gave in..JOHOR HERE WE COME !!! so i washed up, then packed up and told my mum that i'm heading to Johor..around 3 start taking bus to Sri Muda,then take another to Asia Jaya,took LRT to Masjid Jamek, then met my friend there,walk to Pudu Bus Station..ola,without having anything to eat,went in the bus to Johor..

Saturday 21st Feb 2009

12.30am arrived at Larkin, called up the birthday boy to get us, then he and a dude took us to eat,which i was dying to, ate dry wan tan mee,was interesting considering the fact that it's white in colour,i meant the sauce..then drive over to a burger stall,it was nice but it was really spicy..then back to his house, oh yea, didn't quite intro that birthday boy,his name is Pierre,a friend of my friend that i worked with during Chinese New basically i just knew him less than a day..then we talked to the next sleep then woke up at 11am,helped his mum in the kitchen a was fun..

then the night came, unknown people poping out, so as usual, stayed in the room with the people i know in the room, Yung Fu,Margaret and Paul..then the birthboy started irritate me saying where is the when down and eat and took some picture..

then after most left, we start with the liquor, tequila pop here we pop..pop till the cops we got rid of them and continue pop pop pop..couldn't take it and went to bed after that..

Sunday 22nd Feb 2009

Suppose to get up early to church,but we all were too woke up around 1pm then we just hang out around the house till around our arse up and picked Margaret. I drove of course..after getting her, we went to the duty free place and bought some chocolate..then eat a little and took pictures..

then sent Margaret to the border since she need to go back Singapore..then we went to have buffet BBQ Steamboat..then met Pierre's friend Marcus,really nice dude,GOSH YOUR BABY IS VERY PRETTY!!! sad that i cant take her picture,just a few weeks old..then had ice kacang and back to Larkin Bus Station..

Monday 23rd Feb

12.45am the bus left Larkin, got a little emotional with Yung Fu on the journey back because he argued with his girl, so maximum scolded him and advice him..reach KL around 5.30am,when to KFC opposite of Pudu,sat there because our agent from Genting wanted to meet us,promise at 10am..9.30 got a call from her,she ffk us so got really pissed off..then waited another hour because Yung Fu wanted to wait for his girl but after an hour or so,the girl basically i've waited like 5hours at KFC for nuts..then took train to my house, slept a couple of hours, then took the car to KL to meet up our agent..after the meeting, when and picked up Miss Kek and Miss Ong then we went to Alamanda thought of watching a movie..but everything was closed seeing that its i just decided to go Kajang for Satay..but everything was closed to so ended up eating some rubbish malay kuey teow soup..really terrible..sent Yung Fu to Sg. Besi station, then sent the girls back, and back home around 3-4am..

Tuesday 24th Feb 2009

Don't really remember what time i woke up, just know that i spent the whole afternoon with the PS2,then around 5pm go and help my dad in his cafe..then around 10pm,picked up Miss Ong and Miss Kek and we went to NZX Ara Damansara..went to see BusBus then went to Full House and drink a little..

update the rest later..hungry now..